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Recorders, Plotters & Printers (45 products)

  • Agilent / HP 7440A

    Agilent HP 7440A ColorPro eight pen plotter with option 02 GPIB interface. Includes fresh pens, interface cable, and carry case.

    Agilent / HP 7470A

    Agilent HP 7470A Two pen graphics plotter with RS-232 interface.

    Agilent / HP 7470A

    Agilent HP 7470A Graphic Plotter with GPIB Interface

    Agilent / HP 7475A

    Agilent / HP 7475A Graphics Plotter with GPIB interface option.

    Agilent / HP 7550A

    Agilent HP 7550A - 8 Pen Plotter

    Agilent / HP 7550B

    Agilent HP 7550B - 8 Pen Vector Plotter

    Ameritec AM-47

    Ameritec AM47 Hand-Held Printer.

    Astro-Med Astro-DAQ

    Astro-Med Astro-DAQ - Portable 30 channel, 6-slot data acquisition system. Includes 4 GB hard disk upgrade plus three V08 (8 channel voltage input modules), and one EV16 (16 channel binary event input module).

    Astro-Med Astro-Graph

    Astro-Med Astro-Graph Printer chart recorder for Astro-DAQ.

    Astro-Med Dash 20HF

    Astromed Dash20HF 20-channel data recorder

    Astro-Med Dash 4

    Astro-Med Dash 4 - Four Channel portable strip chart recorder. AstroMed

    Astro-Med Dash 8

    Astro-Med Dash 8 - Eight Channel portable strip chart recorder. Dash-8 Dash8 Astromed

    Astro-Med Dash 8 ISO

    Astro-Med Dash 8 ISO - Eight Channel portable strip chart recorder Dash8ISO Dash-8ISO AstroMed

    Astro-Med Dash-32HF

    Astromed Dash32HF Data Recorder, 32 Non-Isolated Differential - 35 Vrms Channels. 100 kHz / Channel Analog Bandwidth

    Astro-Med DASH-8XE

    Astromed DASH8XE 8-channel data recorder with 8 IHV3 channels. Other configurations available on request.

    Astro-Med DASH10

    Astro-Med DASH 10 Chart Recorder, Ten Channel AstroMed

    Astro-Med DASH16U

    Astro Med Dash-16U AstroMed DASH16U 16 Channel Chart Recorder with both universal and isolated (banana) inputs

    Astro-Med DASH18

    Astro Med Dash-18 AstroMed DASH18 18 Channel Chart Recorder with both universal and isolated (banana) inputs

    Astro-Med Dash18x

    Astronova Astromed Dash18X Data Acquisition Recorder. 18 universal inputs. 17 inch touchscreen.

    Astro-Med DASH4U

    Astromed DASH4U Astro Med DASH 4U Four channel chart recorder with universal inputs

    Astro-Med DASH8N

    Astromed DASH8 Astro-Med DASH-8N Eight channel chart recorder with isolated (guarded banana) inputs

    Astro-Med DASH8U

    Astromed DASH8U 8 Channel chart recorder with universal inputs Astro Med DASH 8U

    Astro-Med MT95000

    Astro-Med MT95000 - Eight Channel Real Time Chart Recorder. Eight analog input channels and four TTL events, GPIB and RS-232 communication. Includes BA-80 buffered analog output option.

    Astro-Med SCR-8

    Astro-Med Dash SCR-8 - Strip chart recorder for use with Dash-8-XE and possibly other products.

    Fluke 2286A

    Fluke 2286A Precision datalogging system. Expandable up to 1500 channels.

    Gould Windograf

    Gould Windograf - Four channel chart recorder with eight event monitors. Includes four input amplifiers model 13-6615-10a.

    Gulton TR-2000A

    Gulton TR2000A 2 Channel Chart Recorder

    Hioki 8811

    Hioki 8811 - Memory Hi Corder Chart Recorder. 3 Analog channels and 8 Logic channels.

    Hioki 8842

    Hioki 8842 Memory HiCorder chart recorder with eight 8936 analog input cards (two channels / card for 16 input channels).

    Honeywell DPR3000

    Honeywell DPR 3000 D3-3-Y 32 channel chart recorder.

    HP / Agilent 7090A

    Agilent HP 7090A Measurement plotting system.

    Sunrise Telecom SS118B

    Sunrise Telecom SS118B High Capacity Thermal Printer

    TTC PR-35

    TTC PR-35 Rack Mount Printer

    TTC PR-40A

    TTC PR40A - Thermal printer for TTC / Acterna test sets.

    TTC PR2000

    TTC PR2000 - Printer for Firebird 2000.

    Western Graphtec WR3101

    Western Graphtec WR3101 Two Channel Mark 7 Chart Recorder.

    Western Graphtec WR7800

    Western Graphtec Wr7800 - Four channel Thermal Arraycorder

    Yokogawa 3023

    Yokogawa 302313-3/D/Z XY Recorder. Single Pen. Front Input. GPIB

    Yokogawa AR1100A

    Yokogawa AR1100A - 8 channel Analyzing Recorder. Includes FFT option.

    Yokogawa DR130

    Yokogawa DR130-12-21-1D/D2 Hybrid Recorder. 20 channel universal input.

    Yokogawa HR2300

    Yokogawa HR2300 Hybrid Recorder 30 Point / 2 Seconds Chart recorder (High breakdown voltage relay). Model 376032-02/D.

    Yokogawa HR2400

    Yokogawa HR2400 Hybrid Recorder 20 Point Chart recorder 60 Hz version with 2 Alarm option. Model 408222-02/AK-02.

    Yokogawa HR2400

    Yokogawa HR2400 Hybrid Recorder 30 Point Chart recorder with RS-422 Interface. Model 408232-02.

    Yokogawa HR2400

    Yokogawa HR2400 Hybrid Recorder 30 Point Chart recorder with GPIB / Math options. Model 408232-02.

    Yokogawa MV230

    Yokogawa MV230-1-2-2-1D/C2 30-Channel Paperless Recorder / MobileCorder.