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  • Agilent / Keysight 33210A

    Agilent HP 33210A 10 MHz Function Generator with standard Sine, Square, Ramp,Triangle, Pulse, Noise, DC.

    Agilent / Keysight 33511B

    Agilent Keysight 33511B Waveform Generator with Arb. 20 MHz, Single Channel with LAN, USB, GPIB.

    Agilent / Keysight 53131A-050

    Agilent Keysight 53131A / 050 - **AccuSource selected for bright display VFD** 10 digit universal counter. DC to 5 GHz.

    Agilent / Keysight E4407B

    Agilent Keysight E4407B 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer / Tracking Generator with opt 1DN BAA, A4H, AYX, 1D5, AYZ, B72. ESA-E Series.

    Ameritec AM-44

    Ameritec AM44 - Personal VF Test Set. Handheld analog TIMS

    Anritsu OSLN50-1

    Anritsu OSLN50-1 Precision Open/ Short/ Load. Type N (M) connectors. DC-6 GHz. 50 ohm, 42 dB.

    Associated Research 3565D

    Associated Research 3565D - HYPOT II AC/DC withstand voltage tester. 5 KV AC, 6 KV DC.

    Dynatel 2273

    Dynatel 2273U5T3- Buried Cable & Fault Locator. Transmitter / Receiver Set. Includes optional 5W transmitter upgrade. Four Frequencies Plus 50/60 Hz Passive Power Mode. A-Frame Sold Separately.

    Dynatel 3014

    Dynatel 3014 - A-Frame for use with 573A, 2273, etc - not sold separately.

    Dynatel 965AMS

    Dynatel 3M 965AMS Subscriber Loop Analyzer with TDR, and Spectrum Analyzer options. 80-6113-2408-0 Includes VDSL2 module.

    Eaton 91550-1L

    Eaton ETS Lindgren 91550-1L extremely broad frequency range current probe covering 20 Hz to 100 MHz.

    EXFO AXS-100

    EXFO AXS-100-023B-EI handheld OTDR. 1310 / 1550 nM. UPC / SC connector.

    Fluke ESA612

    Fluke Biomedical ESA612-US Electrical Safety Analyzer (U.S. 120V Version)

    Fluke ESA612

    Fluke Biomedical ESA612-230V Electrical Safety Analyzer 230V Version

    GW Instek GOM-802

    GW Instek GOM-802 DC MilliOhmeter.

    HP / Agilent 3335A

    Agilent HP 3335A/001 Synthesized level generator with Opt 001 High Stability timebase. 200 Hz to 80 MHz.

    HP / Agilent 4194A

    Agilent HP 4194A - Impedance / Gain Phase Analyzer. Option 350 (50 Ohm) 100 Hz to 40 MHz.

    HP / Agilent 4263B

    Agilent HP 4263B - 100Hz to 100kHz LCR Meter 0.1% basic accuracy

    HP / Agilent 87106B

    Agilent Keysight 87106B DC - 20 GHz SP6T coaxial switch. Option 161 Ribbon cable connector.

    JDSU / Acterna Fireberd 8000

    JDSU Acterna Fireberd 8000 Datacom test set Application Module. Includes Datacom V35, FB8000FCS1 options, and Diphase Interface. Requires FST-2000 Testpad.

    JDSU / Acterna FST-2802

    JDSU FST2802 Application Module and testpad. Ethernet options 10/100, 1GigE, VLAN. Networking Mainframe option.

    JDSU / Acterna HST-3000C

    JDSU / Acterna HST3000C Monochrome Display with IP Suite, Web Browser and Scripting options. Sim sold separately.

    JDSU / Acterna HST3000-CAR

    JDSU / Acterna HST-3000 CUADSLR SIM for Copper and ADSL (ATU-R) Testing in the HST-3000

    JDSU / Viavi 4126MA

    JDSU Viavi E4146MA OTDR module for 1310 / 1550 Short/Medium Haul Metro Access / FTTH up to 1x32 splitter Network Qualification. Works with MTS2000, MTS4000, or MTS5800V2 sold separately. Includes optional Source.

    JDSU / Viavi ONX-580

    JDSU Viavi ONX-580 OneExpert mainframe with ONX-BDCM-DSL-Bonded module and fourteen software options.

    JDSU / Viavi ONX-620

    JDSU Viavi ONX-620 OneExpert CATV Signal Analysis Meter. DOCSIS 3.1. ONX-CATV-D31-4285-1012

    JDSU / Viavi ONX-620

    JDSU Viavi ONX-620 OneExpert CATV Signal Analysis Meter. DOCSIS 3.1. ONX-CATV-D31-4285-1012 TSX Dual Diplexer 42/85 MHz Dual Diplexers.

    JDSU / Viavi T-Berd 5800

    JDSU T-Berd 5800 V2 Viavi MTS5800V2 5811P with 17 options for testing Ethernet up to 1G and up to 10G CPRI.

    JDSU / Viavi T-Berd 5800

    JDSU T-Berd 5800 MTS5800 5812P includes 20 options for testing Ethernet up to 10G plus SONET/SDH up to OC-192/STM-64, and much more.

    Kaelus iHA 1900

    TriasX Summitek iHA 1900 Companion. Low Power PIM Tester Passive Intermodulation Test Set.

    Kikusui PCR500M

    Kikusui PCR500M AC / DC 500VA Power Supply. AC to 270V, 40 to 500Hz, DC to +/-380V,

    Lambda LAN Option

    LAN Option for Lambda Genesys 5kW DC Power Supplies. Sold installed only. GEN5000

    Noyes OFL-250

    AFL Telecommunications Noyes OFL 250 1310/1550 nM handheld Singlemode fault finding OTDR with Power Meter, Laser Source, and VFL. OFL250-100, OFL2-26-0910PR

    Pearson 101

    Pearson 101 Wideband Current Transformer / Pulse Transformer .01V /A, 0.25 Hz - 4 MHz

    Pearson 4100

    Pearson 4100 Wideband Current Monitor. 1V / A. 500A peak current, 5A RMS maximum. 140 Hz to 35 MHz

    Phenix PAD10-25

    Phenix PAD10-25 Hipot Tester / Megohmmeter. 10kVAC/25kVDC.

    Rohde & Schwarz FSH6

    Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) FSH6.06 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer. 100 KHz to 6 GHz with integrated preamplifier.

    Schaffner NSG435

    Schaffner Teseq NSG 435 ESD Simulator. 200 V to 16.5 kV

    Stanford Research Systems / SRS DG535

    Stanford Research SRS DG535 /01 Four Channel digital delay / pulse generator. Includes GPIB option.

    Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-8

    Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-8 - Dual T1 Module for Sunrise XDSL and MTT mainframes.

    Tektronix TDS3034

    Tektronix TDS3034 Four Channel Color Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope. 300 MHz, 2.5 GS/s

    Wayne Kerr 3265A

    Wayne Kerr 3265A DC Bias Unit up to 25 Amps for use with Precision Magnetics Analyzer PMA 3260A. Model 1J3265

    Wayne Kerr PMA3260A

    Wayne Kerr PMA 3260A Precision Magnetics Analyzer. Model 1EVPMA3260A