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  • We Care

    Our professional employees package your equipment with the utmost care. Damage during shipment costs time and money for both the shipper and receiver. We pack carefully the first time to avoid these problems.
    We charge a handling fee in addition to the shipping charge to help defray the cost of boxes, and packing materials. This fee is between $5.00 and $35.00 for most items we sell.
  • US Addresses

    Shipment is F.O.B.Gainesville (Atlanta) Georgia. Our default ship method is UPS ground, but we will work with you to ship by a faster method or other carriers if you prefer.
  • International Addresses

    In addition, we ship internationally via Express Mail International where size, weight and restrictions allow. We have found that this results in significant cost savings for our customers. The postal service is very reliable, but if you have a firm deadline to receive your equipment it might be worth the additional cost to ship via commercial carrier.
  • Instapak SpeedyPacker

    To ensure your equipment gets to you safely, most items are packed using the Instapak SpeedyPacker Foam-in-Bag Packaging Solution. Foam-filled bags can be created in a variety of sizes to be used for void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing and molded cushions.
Instapak SpeedyPacker Step 1
With the touch of a button, the operator selects the proper bag length and amount of Instapak® foam.
Instapak SpeedyPacker Step 2
The operator takes the foam-filled bag and places it into the carton.
Instapak SpeedyPacker Step 3
The product is placed onto the foam-filled bag as it expands in the carton, forming a custom-fit cushion.
Instapak SpeedyPacker Step 4
A second foam-filled bag is placed on top of the product and the carton flaps are closed.
Instapak SpeedyPacker Step 5
The foam-filled bag expands around the product and against the carton to form a top cushion.