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  • Agilent / HP 5006A

    Agilent HP 5006A Signature Analyzer with Data Probe and Timing Analyzer

    Agilent / Keysight 16902A

    HP Agilent Keysight 16902A Logic Analyzer with 16911A 68 Channel Module with 4 GHz timing. (256k Mem Option)

    Agilent / Keysight E5379A

    Agilent Keysight E5379A 90 Pin Differential Probe

    Agilent / Keysight E5380A

    Agilent Keysight E5380A Mictor Probe-Single-ended, with 90-Pin Cable Connectors

    Agilent / Keysight E5382A

    Agilent Keysight E5382A Single-edge Flying Leads with 90-pin Cable Connector

    Agilent / Keysight MSO6032A

    Agilent Keysight MSO6032A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. Two Analog Channels at 300 MHz / 2 GSa/s. 16 Digital Logic Channels.

    HP / Agilent 16517A

    Agilent HP 16517A - 4GHz Timing / 1GHz State Master Module for 16700A, 16702A

    HP / Agilent 16518A

    Agilent HP 16518A 16 Channel, 4 GHz High Speed State and Timing Module Expansion Card

    HP / Agilent 16522A

    Agilent HP 16522A -T200 M Vector/Sec Pattern Generator Module for 16700A, 16702A.

    HP / Agilent 16532A

    Agilent HP 16532A - 250 mHz, 1 GS/s, 2-Channel Oscilloscope Card for use with 16500 Series Logic Analyzers

    HP / Agilent 16534A

    Agilent HP 16534A 2 Channel 500MHz 2 G-Sa/s Oscilloscope Module for 16700A / 16702A

    HP / Agilent 16550A

    Agilent HP 16550A 102 Channel State Timing Module with 4K of Acquisition Memory

    HP / Agilent 16555A

    Agilent HP 16555A 68 Channel Logic Analyzer Module, 500 MHz Timing / 110 MHz state

    HP / Agilent 16556D

    Agilent HP 16556D - 68 Channel 400MHz Timing/100MHz State Logic Analyzer Module for 16700A, 16702A

    HP / Agilent 16557D

    Agilent HP 16557D -2 MSa Analyzer Module for 16700A, 16702A. 135 MHz State/ 500 MHz Timing

    HP / Agilent 1660E for sale Clearance Priced!

    HP / Agilent 1660E

    Aglient HP 1660E 136 Channel Logic Analyzer. 100 MHz State, 500 MHz Timing
    "Inventory Clearance Items are being sold at or below cost to clear out older inventory. Items being sold for clearance may not be completely reconditioned or may not include all standard accessories.
    Please contact sales for specifics."
    Clearance Price $395.00 was $2295.00

    HP / Agilent 16700A

    Agiletn HP 16700A Logic Analyzer Mainframe with accessories and opt 03 performance upgrade

    HP / Agilent 16700A

    Agilent HP 16700A Logic Analyzer Mainframe.

    HP / Agilent 16717A

    Agilent HP 16717A -Timing and State Module for 16700A, 16702A. 333 MHz State/ 2000 MHz Timing. 68 Channels

    HP / Agilent 16720A

    Agilent HP 16720A Digital Pattern Generator Module

    HP / Agilent 1680AD

    Keysight Agilent 1680AD 136 Channel Portable Standalone Logic Analyzer

    HP / Agilent 54620C

    Agilent HP 54620C - Logic Analyzer 16 Channel, 500 MSa/s, Color Display

    HP / Agilent 54622D

    Agilent HP 54622D 100 MHz Mixed Signal 2-Channel Oscilloscope / 16-Channel Logic Analyzer

    HP / Agilent 85685A

    RF Preselector for use with HP 856x-series Analyzers

    HP / Agilent E5574A

    Agilent HP E5574A Optical Loss Analyzer with 1550 nm Laser Output

    Tektronix 1230DPA

    Tektronix 1230DPA - Disassembly Probe Adaptor

    Tektronix 308

    Tektronix Data / logic analyzer. Eight data and one clock line. Ultra-portable 20 MHz timing, state, serial, and signature analysis.

    Tektronix MDO3024

    Tektronix MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope with MSO, AFG, DVM options. 4-channel 200 MHz 2.5 GS/s oscilloscope with Mixed Signal (logic analyzer), Arbitrary Function Generator, and Digital Voltmeter options. 200 MHz Spectrum Analyzer

    Tektronix P6444

    Tektronix P6444 Programmable Threshold Active Probe for 1230 Logic Analyzer

    Tektronix TLA5203

    Tektronix TLA5203 102 Channel, 2 GHz Deep Memory Timing Logic Analyzer with 125 ps MagniVu Acquisition, 235 MHz State Speed, 512 Kb memory depth. 80 GB HDD.

    Tektronix TLA704 with TLA7L3

    Tektronix TLA704 with TLA7L3 102 Channel Logic Analyzer with full complement of probes and accessories.

    Tektronix TLA7L1

    Tektronix TLA7L1 34 Channel logic analyzer plug-in for TLA700 series mainframes. Includes probes / accys.

    Tektronix TLA7L3

    Tektronix TLA7L3 102 Channel logic analyzer plug-in for TLA700 series mainframes. Includes probes / accys.