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  • Midtronics 2600 for sale Clearance Priced!

    Midtronics 2600

    Midtronics 2600 Battery Condition Tester. 6 / 12V. 200 to 2600 Mhos.
    "Inventory Clearance Items are being sold at or below cost to clear out older inventory. Items being sold for clearance may not be completely reconditioned or may not include all standard accessories.
    Please contact sales for specifics."
    Clearance Price $49.00 was $195.00

    Midtronics Celltron Ultra

    Midtonics Celltron Ultra CTU-6000 KIT Universal Stationary Battery Analyzer for testing stationary batteries in UPS systems and utilities. CTU6000

    Midtronics CTA-4000

    MidtronicsCTA-4000 - Celltron Advanced test kit includes CTA-2000 battery analyzer and accys.

    Midtronics CTM-300

    Midtronics CTM300 - Micro Celltron test kit includes CTM-100 battery analyzer and accys.

    Midtronics CTM-QTS

    Midtronics CTM-QTS Quick Tester 12-Volt On-line Battery Analyzer.